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Who we are

Clavel y Flamenco, it is love for our most universal art and World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Union of flawless wide renowned flamenco artists in this world from the city of Granada in Andalusia, where the flamenco was born and where more authentic is, where their objective is to trasmit to the audience what this art means: strength, passion, beauty, rhythm, happiness, emotion in an elegant way where the image of all of them gain special prominence.

Clavel y Flamenco represents faithfully the roots of the traditional flamenco but introducing original elements and different style fusion, as the flamenco violin or flute, that provides beauty and elegance, all of this always from the respect to the tradition.

Funny, dynamic and enjoyable performance, with several changes of costumes, where are played the funniest songs of flamenco, as well as different musical pieces very well known all over the world and adapted specially for our performance.

Great Experience in performances for MICE, private parties and events in general for important companies and great variety of countries.

Teléfono: 00.34.958.56.09.31 E-mail: artist@clavelyflamenco.es